I'm Michael Sharp

My name is Michael Sharp. The art of Photography has had an incredible impact in my life. I have been given life on this earth to bring glory to the Lord through documenting His beauty. Portraiture and nature photography captures just a small fraction of His art. The supreme artist has left his fingerprints all over the earth, my job is to find them.

I am often booked for months at a time. Feel free to inquire regarding availability.



Photograph courtesy of Chandler Alexa.



Santa Barbara, CA

34.4208° N, 119.6982° W

I spend a large amount of my time traveling for work, however I do always come back home to the lovely land of Santa Barbara. You can often find me hanging out and working from coffee shops in the downtown area. I love shooting locally but feel free to inquiry about non-local shoots. If you're ever in the Santa Barbara area let me know and I'd love to hang!